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Flexible and Affordable Temporary Fencing Options for Construction, Special Events, Residential, and Emergency Response Industries.

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Fencing and Barricade Rental Service in Northern California

Serving Customers in Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Alameda, San Joaquin, and the Surrounding Areas

Temporary fencing offers practical solutions for short-term needs. Our free-standing bases eliminate the need for driven posts or bored holes, ensuring that the site shows no signs of previous fencing once the fence is removed.

Special event organizers have increasingly turned to temporary fencing for various purposes, including complying with state beverage control regulations that require the isolation of activities offering “adult beverages” from access by underage attendees. Additionally, the option to add view barrier fabric allows for privacy maintenance during such events.

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Proprietary Tamper Resistant Hardware

We offer proprietary tamper resistant clamping hardware at no additional charge.

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Entrust your temporary fence rental needs to insured fence rental professionals.

Construction Fencing

Our construction fence rental service offers durable and reliable temporary fencing solutions to secure construction sites, with a focus on safety and tailored options for specific project needs.

Event Fencing

Our event fence rental service offers versatile and high-quality crowd control fencing solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each event, with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction.

Emergency Fencing

Our emergency fence rental service offers rapid and reliable temporary fencing solutions, with a focus on prompt response and efficiency to address urgent needs during unforeseen situations.

About Blain Stumpf

In November 2023, the Stumpf family graciously allowed Wilkinson Portables, Inc to acquire their temporary fence rental division and carry the torch in continuing the Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals business and name.

Wilkinson Portables, Inc is a family owned and operated business based in El Dorado County. 

Wilkinson’s has served the community since 1958, providing toilet rentals and services for construction and events.

Wilkinson’s is proud of the expansion of rental options for customers and staff look forward to serving the existing Blain Stumpf customers with the same high-quality service and integrity provided by the Stumpf family for 40 years. 

Wilkinson’s is proud to be the one-stop-shop for construction and event rental needs.

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