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Unlike traditional residential and commercial fencing, construction fences are temporary, usually comprised of wire, chainlink, or plastic. They go up once construction workers begin a project on a given lot to separate the site from the rest of the public and come down upon the structure’s completion.

But what are the reasons why your site needs a construction fence? Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals has been in this industry for over 40 years and can give you more insight.

Keeping Passersby Safe From the Dangerous Construction Process

One of the top reasons why your site needs a construction fence is to help protect others. A construction site has many dangers, from falling materials, scattered debris, and harmful particles like silica dust and asbestos to heavy-duty machinery. Because of this, each construction worker’s attire must include a hard hat, construction gloves and boots, and other safety equipment that protects them on the site. However, the average passerby doesn’t have these defenses, leaving them vulnerable to mishaps.

Putting up site fencing prevents unlicensed and uncertified individuals from entering an area they don’t understand, which could otherwise result in severe illnesses (like asthma), injuries, or death. Moreover, it confines dangerous tools, equipment, and materials to the property so they don’t spill out into public spaces, which would be just as harmful. 

For more protection, install high-density, colorful plastic fences that not only stand up against harsh climates but also give drivers more visibility so they don’t accidentally crash into and enter the site.

Barring Unauthorized Entries and Protecting Construction Workers 

If the general public has access to the work site, it also threatens the project manager or property owner since they’re liable for accidents and must pay for harm done to or caused by the trespassers. It also proves dangerous for construction workers since the unauthorized personnel may mistakenly or deliberately manipulate machinery, move or break materials, or vandalize the land. 

Construction workers are careful to power off all equipment at the end of each workday, but if someone else powers them on, misuses them, and leaves them that way, they’re not safe to approach and become a danger to workers.

The following can also cost you time and money: 

Enhancing Privacy by Eliminating Prying Eyes

Another one of the reasons your site needs a construction fence is to allow your workers to move freely without feeling like they’re on display. Just as other drivers slow down to observe accidents on the road, passersby may stop to watch workers mixing materials or putting up building walls. Performance anxiety may ensue, which may lead them to do the wrong thing and expose them to hazards and accidents.

Unfortunately, construction workers become just as distracted as the public, especially if something (like a car accident) occurs outside the site’s perimeter. Therefore, plastic fences reaching eight feet and six inches high work both ways, keeping everyone’s minds on their own business with its crowd-controlling properties. 

Promoting Your Business the Cost-Effective Way

A fence’s purpose isn’t always just to conceal the work area. It could also act as a display for advertisements similar to posters and billboards. By printing your logo, company name, or contact information on the walls, you don’t have to pay for two separate items for your construction company, saving you money. 

Especially in a high-traffic urban area, you can catch the eye of many other residential and commercial property owners who may need work done on their establishments. If they like the end result of your construction project, it also advertises what your company can do. That further encourages passersby to call for your unique, professional skills. 

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Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals’ temporary barriers prove just as important to construction sites as permanent fences separating and protecting property lines. So, for durable fencing that guarantees a safe site or event, contact us at (530) 466-4337. We’ll explain the reasons why your site needs a construction fence and offer a free quote. Learn more today!