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Temporary Fence Rental in Daly City, CA

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Daly City, CA Temporary Fence Rental

Fencing Options for Events and Construction in Daly City

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Daly City gets its fair share of visitors and has numerous commercial and residential developments in its limits. To keep things safe and secure, many businesses and homeowners opt to install temporary fences for construction and events. In fact, many larger events and developments are required to have temporary barricade structures. 

Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals has over 40 years of experience providing fence rental in Daly City and has a fencing option for every use. Our temporary event fencing solutions in Daly City are deployable in a wide range of situations ranging from construction hoarding to even crowd control. 

Benefits of Temporary Fencing Rental in Daly City

Daly City fence panel rentals carry several benefits, such as those listed below.


If you need to secure an area or block off an event, temporary fencing is the perfect solution. Steel wire fencing with windscreens can block construction sites from view, deterring theft and enhancing site privacy and security. 


Active construction sites might have dangerous equipment and materials lying around. A temporary construction fence in Daly City blocks construction sites to create a safe environment for pedestrians and passersby. 


Our temporary fencing panels can adapt to enclosures of any shape. Our proprietary fastening system allows us to arrange modular panels to enclose irregular shapes and plots of land.


Last but not least, temporary fencing rentals are highly convenient. Our team can deliver and install your fence for you on-site. We will also handle removal when you are finished using it. We make fencing rentals easy! 

Rental Fencing Accessories

In addition to our construction site fence rental in Daly City, we also offer fence rental accessories for more customization. 


Daly City can get strong winds throughout the year. Our rental fence windscreens can protect construction sites from wind and provide more privacy for events. 


Tall and heavy fences might need additional weight to support them. Sandbag accessories can balance our fence panels and keep them stable during inclement weather and high winds. 

Tamper-Resistant Hardware

For extra security and peace of mind, we offer tamper-resistant hardware. Tamper-resistant fence connectors ensure complete enclosure with no gaps in security or privacy. 

Why Choose Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rental in Daly City?

We are the number one company for Daly City portable fencing rentals, and for good reason. With affordable prices and quality products, our steel-wire and vinyl fencing options are tough, flexible, and convenient to install. 

Some rental companies simply rent you a fence and expect you to do everything else. Not us, though. Our experienced team will deliver and install your fencing for you. We will also handle all fencing removal when you are done with your project. 

Few companies have a track record with customer satisfaction like ours. We have helped hundreds of businesses and homeowners in Daly City with their fencing needs and are always ready to offer our services at a competitive and affordable price. 

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Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals has helped hundreds of Daly City residents with our affordable and reliable rental fencing options. If you would like to discuss our options for fence rental in Daly City, send a message online or call today to receive a free quote!

Daly City Fence Rental FAQ

We get a lot of questions about our fence rentals. Below are some of the most common questions we receive. 

What Is the Lifespan of a Temporary Fence?

The lifespan of a high-quality steel wire temporary fence is at least 20 years or longer. In terms of rentals, you can rent a fence for as long as your project or event requires. 

Do Temporary Fences Prevent Crime?

Yes, temporary fencing can prevent crime and deter criminals. One of the major benefits of getting private fencing is to keep trespassers out of events and development sites. 

Can I DIY Install a Temporary Fence?

Technically, yes, you can install a temporary fence on your own. However, we recommend hiring a professional to handle delivery, installation, and removal to ensure secure installation and safe removal. 

Do Construction Sites Require Temporary Fencing?

Yes, typically, construction, demolition, and other development sites require temporary fencing for safety. Make sure you check with local codes for maximum fence heights and widths when you get a fence rental in Daly City. 

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