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San Jose, CA Temporary Fence Rental

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When people think of a fence, they envision a permanent structure with panels, posts, and a lot to maintain. So, why not consider temporary fence rentals with freestanding bases instead of a commitment to that permanent fence installation? There are endless reasons to consider a fence rental in San Jose, CA, including special events, renovations, and construction projects.

When you’re ready to rent a fence in San Jose or one of the nearby communities, Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals has everything you need. Our company’s long-standing reputation includes flexible and affordable rentals for various purposes and industries. We deliver quality products on time, every time, with superior customer service.

Safe and Effective Fence Rental Options for Your Construction Site

A home renovation or construction site is ideal for a temporary fence rental in San Jose. However, Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals can also help you in any area that can’t support in-ground post installation for fencing. 

Each fence panel looks like a typical chain link fence but with a sturdy freestanding base instead of in-ground posts to keep them in place. For added stability on windy days, we can provide hefty sandbags at your request to keep every panel upright.

A durable fence is perfect for safeguarding your job site’s equipment and tools from opportunists. It also creates an effective barrier between a busy work zone and the public in San Jose, protecting everyone from injury and potential liability.

Plus, our dependable temporary fence panels are ideal for many applications, such as:

  • Highway construction
  • Commercial construction sites
  • Storefront renovations
  • Residential developments

Every fence rental in San Jose from our premier company starts with a detailed consultation to discuss why you need a temporary fence.

After providing individualized solutions that best meet your needs, we’ll arrange for a prompt delivery, set everything up, and remove it when your project reaches its end. Since we don’t dig holes, our temporary fencing installation and removal won’t disturb the environment in any way, either.

Reliable Windscreen Fencing in San Jose

One of the many benefits of fencing is privacy. Though our fence panel rentals are chain link, which offers no privacy, you have the option to include windscreens with your fence rental in San Jose. 

These handy additions serve as privacy screens by blocking the field of vision into your job site or property. The strong, opaque polyethylene fabric that our crew can attach to the temporary fence panels is a fantastic accessory for a fence rental.

Additionally, windscreens do more than provide privacy; they’re also great for minimizing the effects of wind itself. The wind-dampening effect suits job sites and other areas where wind could disrupt your operations. With a windscreen on each fence panel, you can enjoy a cost-effective wind and privacy shield that helps your job site look tidier.

San Jose Temporary Crowd Control Barriers

In San Jose, California, it’s not uncommon for outdoor events to produce impressive crowds.

So, what’s the best way to corral pedestrians, create short-term parking lots, and separate vendors and attractions in an open outdoor space? By erecting crowd control barricades with temporary fencing, of course. 

Barricade fencing or pedestrian barricades are a practical way to control crowds at any San Jose event. Every length of fence comprises durable, lightweight steel with flat bases.

Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals’ pedestrian barricades can go wherever you need them to. With our on-time deliveries, easy installations, and lightning-fast takedowns, there’s no need to worry about not having enough fencing to manage crowds or ensure everyone’s safety. 

You can even reconfigure and relocate control barricades to direct traffic as necessary.

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Blain Stumpf Construction Fence Rentals is one of the top options for a quality fence rental in San Jose, CA. Our crew tailors fencing solutions for any occasion. Regain control of your layout, safety, security, and privacy, and request a free quote today!

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